The program has a profound focus on unleashing the potential of Egyptian entrepreneurs, particularly those from Upper Egypt. Through a collaborative approach, we aim to empower these individuals by sharing relevant knowledge from industry experts and nurturing their ideas to form viable startups. Our primary emphasis lies in the realm of digital solutions, which not only offer alternative sources of income for these entrepreneurs but also generate employment opportunities for others. By bridging the gap between digital skills scattered throughout the community and the actual needs of industries, we strive to create a harmonious ecosystem that propels both personal growth and economic development.


Our vision at Startup Factory is to lead as the catalyst for entrepreneurial growth in Egypt, igniting startups’ path to unparalleled achievements. We envision becoming the go-to destination for aspiring entrepreneurs, offering comprehensive support, expert guidance, and fostering a thriving community. Our relentless pursuit of innovation, continuous learning, and strategic partnerships empowers startups to unlock their full potential, driving economic growth, and making a meaningful impact on society. Looking ahead, we see a future where Startup Factory’s name resonates with unparalleled success, transforming Egypt’s startup landscape, and inspiring entrepreneurs to dream big and change the world. Together, we envision a boundless journey of growth, innovation, and remarkable accomplishments.


Logivators, an impactful 3-month incubation program offered by Startup Factory, nurtured startup founders with innovative ideas in the logistics and transportation sector. With a focus on fulfilling market needs, the program supported the most promising startups, empowering them to launch and contribute to the economy. Through mentorship and expert-led sessions, participants gained invaluable insights, enabling them to transform their early-stage startups into scalable ventures. By the program’s conclusion, founders emerged with profitable business models and comprehensive plans for business, marketing, and sales, poised for success in their entrepreneurial journey.


The PropteX Acceleration Program is a startup support initiative focused on the PropTech industry, which aims to develop sustainable and smart cities, innovative workplaces, and communities. The program offers resources, mentorship, and business development support to visionary entrepreneurs. The program is powered by PARAGON and Startup Factory, leveraging their expertise and networks to foster the growth and success of PropTech startups in Egypt. Participants undergo a 9-week intensive program to gain valuable insights and skills for accelerating their business ventures in the ever-evolving property technology landscape.

Startup Factory Bootcamps​

Startup Factory embarks on an ambitious endeavour to uncover hidden talent among startups across various Egyptian governorates. With a relentless commitment to identifying exceptional ventures, our dedicated project aims to tap into the vast pool of untapped potential residing within different regions of the country. Through thorough exploration and assessment, our mission is to provide opportunities for these promising startups to thrive and make a positive impact on their communities and beyond.

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Empowering Success: Comprehensive Support and Benefits

Empower Your Journey: Mentorships, Webinars & Guidance

At Startup Factory, we prioritise the pivotal role of mentorship in startup success. Our bootcamp emphasises tailored mentorship sessions, webinars, and interactive group engagements led by esteemed experts. With invaluable insights and practical advice, startups gain confidence and guidance to navigate their entrepreneurial journey with purpose.

Networking Excellence: Top-Notch Startup Factoryoration

Connect, Startup Factoryorate, Thrive: Premier networking at Startup Factory opens doors to industry leaders, mentors, investors, and like-minded entrepreneurs. Unlock opportunities, partnerships, and invaluable insights for your startup’s growth through our engaging events and personalised introductions.

Shared Experience for Success

Embrace shared experience at Startup Factory through impactful mentorship, engaging webinars, and personalised guidance. Navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and reach your full potential in a collaborative environment that fuels entrepreneurial success.

Master the Art of Pitching

Startup Factory provides invaluable guidance on crafting captivating investor-ready presentations. Empower your startup with targeted coaching, persuasive communication, and confidence to secure investor support and drive success.

Thriving Alumni Community: Stay Connected

Engage with Startup Factory’s vibrant alumni community to stay connected long after the program concludes. Forge meaningful connections, share offers, opportunities, and insights with like-minded individuals from across Egypt, fueling ongoing growth and collaboration in a supportive environment.