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At Startup Factory, we empower Egyptian entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. Through guidance, resources, and a supportive community, we help them overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and make a positive impact. Together, we build a brighter future for Egyptian entrepreneurship.”


Unlock Limitless Possibilities
Discover What Startup Factory Can Offer Your Venture.

Tailored Workshops

Customised workshops that address your startup’s needs through practical insights and market strategies.

Expert Mentorship

Gain guidance from seasoned mentors to navigate your startup journey with confidence and expertise.

Network Expansion

Connect with industry leaders, investors, and like-minded entrepreneurs to unlock collaborations and opportunities.

Community Support

Enjoy the benefits of being part of our community enjoying Startup factory or one of it many partners’ perks such as discounted service, invitations to major events or even discounted tickets and more !!

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Elevate your Growth Journey! Join Other Successful Startups NOW!

Ignite Your Path to Success: Join a Thriving Community of Startups and Embrace the Next Chapter in Pursuit of Your Personal and Professional Goals with Startup Factory. Together, we’ll empower your journey, foster meaningful connections, and propel you towards unprecedented growth and achievement.

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Experience Sharing Hours

Meet The Team

Mohammed Mounir

Program Director

Mariam El-Etreby

Program Manager

Arwa Osama

Program Coordinator

Lamiaa Salah

Program Manager

Hagar Shokry

Project Coordinator

Mohammed Alwasli

Senior Project Specialist

Don’t just take our word for it

We received assistance from Startup Factory in staying on course, getting the concept off the ground as a legitimate project, and launching the proper roadmap.
Ahmed El Dahaby

( Startup )

Startup Factory Borg ElArab Bootcamp
I was very happy with the performance of participating startups & they address real problems in our communities & in the light of their communities & cultures
Waleed Fahmy

( Expert )

CEO & Head of design at Webkeyz
It’s the first time in Egypt to see incubator focused on specific virtical like Logivators.
Eng. Mahmoud Hamouda

( Expert )

SDGM, Strategy & Change Management at BanqueMisr
Our time at Startup Factory was exceptional. We face numerous obstacles in our business, but the engaging sessions and outstanding mentoring helped us to avoid these obstacles through interaction and first-hand experience. Thank you to the Startup Factory team. I would advise anyone who is starting a business and needs guidance to join in the next round of Startup Factory.
Lamiaa Salah

( Startup )

Founder of Tamakani
Startup factory Assiut 2022
Startup factory aims at supporting digital ecosystem players in Egypt and how can they help startups to be competitive & face the market competition.
Mohammed Hany

( Expert )

Global Enterprise Senior Sales Manager at Vodafone Egypt
The sessions at Fintekrs helped us to develop a long term strategy for our business and on the other hand it helped us to network with liked minded startups
Abdelaziz Elkilany

( Startup )

Co Founder of Arzaaq
Fintekrs Alexandria 2022