Startup Factory aims at capacitating on the abilities of the Egyptian entrepreneurs from different Egyptian governorates through sharing relevant knowledge by experts and incubating their ideas to formulate a minimum viable startups; all in the context of digital solutions.

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Slide Apr 18 2020 to May 16, 2021 Startup Factory in Alexandria APPLY NOW
Provide guidance and mentorship to all participating startups and develop a distinct work environment in Egypt!
Evaluate startup ideas based on an authoritative benchmark and validate startups ideas professionally.
Focusing in supporting Egyptian startups and building a viable business as we are dedicated to seeing them succeed.
Startups need guidance and help from skilled and experienced professionals in business, Startup Factory will provide consultancy for all selected startups.
The year 2020 is not as bad as we think

How it all started

Startup Factory’s aim is to empower and increase the skills of 60 to 80 Egyptian youth in 2020 with respect to a gender balance, while enabling 15 minimum viable startups to launch and match make with scattered individual skills through the program, accordingly, also provide the startups with a platform to collaborate with multiple private, public and American businesses and industry leaders through the innovation industry challenge to solve a proposed challenge.

Supporting entrepreneurship in all Governorates

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