Startup Factory aims at capacitating on the abilities of the Egyptian entrepreneurs from different Egyptian governorates through sharing relevant knowledge by experts and incubating their ideas to formulate a minimum viable startups; all in the context of digital solutions.

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Sharik Hub

The most important factor in any success story is having the right partner who will help in this success!

Our partners in supporting and empowering entrepreneurship in Egypt

Sharik Hub is a company specialized in the operation and management of shared workspaces, business incubators and accelerators, to provide the best sites, facilities, technology and human staff to provide office services, secretarial, accounting, legal, consultancy and quality knowledge programs in a modern environment: enables business owners to achieve uniqueness and sustainability.


Sharik Hub comes to keep pace with the rapid changes in the business sector by providing many services that facilitate the joining of Shark Hub communities to reach the highest degree of professionalism and excellence in their business. Training, Weekly Events and Programs, Secretarial Services, Graphic Design Services, Cloud Services.