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Alexandria – Cycle #2

Empowering the new generation of Egyptian innovators

The second cycle of Startup Factory in Alexandria

Participating Startups


Toro is a Mobile App that connects the best nutritionists and personal trainers in Egypt with the end users. All the workouts and meal plans provided through the app are completely customized for the customer to reach his goals & fit his lifestyle!

lel bet

Lel bet is a mobile delivery app that targets student and housewives in remote areas.


Courtyard is the first social sports platform empowering amateur players to arrange matches in courtyards of their choices, meet new players, track their progress and enable them to be recognised by recruiters.


Diyafa is a reliable, disintermediating, two-sided online marketplace network for matching supply and demand in the temporary housing and lodging market; Allowing local people to rent out a spare bedroom, apartment, or a whole house easily and safely.


Duman is a boat rental app where users who want to rent a boat for fishing or entertainment
can find all the available boats to rent with theirprices, the captains, reviews, and locations, and can directly book the boat or a seat in the boat from the application and pay using their credit cards, fawry, or e-wallets. We take a percentage on every booking and the rest goes to the boat owner.

Orient Museum

An interactive platform for Arab and foreign audiences wishing to learn about the cultures and arts created by successive civilizations in the Middle East by providing digital and interactive display services for Arab and Egyptian museums – Orient Museum Platform

Ozo Solu

A company that produces ozone gas devices. The ozone device is used in indoor sterilization operations, hospitals, hotels, clinics, offices, homes, companies, factories, and others.


Monasabat is a platform that helps people to organize and choose the best options to create their family occasions like weddings or birthdays. The platform allows the customers to choose photographers, event planners or catering providers, etc.


Lookover is the first personal online concierge served by virtual characters powered by artificial intelligence in multiple industries. It is built with a sharp focus to digitalize the concierge concept by provising unique and customized services to each individual through the broadcast feature.


VABLE is a platform that connects between pharmacies and suppliers whether a company a warehouse or other suppliers. by providing an easier, more efficient, history-of-orders supported and also cheaper for pharmacists to purchase medications.


Human simulation robots are used in the cultivation and harvesting of crops that large devices such as tractors cannot plow and also take a long time for the worker to cultivate them using this robot that exceeds human speed and can work up to twice the number of human hours per day with greater accuracy

Tau A.I

Tau A.I uses the power of A.I and predictive
analytics to detect anomalies and products that are outside of the quality criteria as well as any anomalous behaviour of machines to automate maintenance and quality control and save cost.


Retailak is a SaaS based eCommerce solution built on latest technology frameworks. Retailak is a comprehensive ecommerce solution that helps you launch a successful online business, and grow your customer base.


The Biomix project, through which we aim to preserve the lives of patients and provide all means of health care for them by giving them accurate and quick results that express vital signs in the human body, including body temperature, pulse rate, competitive rate and blood pressure.


We want to build a place where creativity lives by open platform empower sellers to supply their products and help buyers find what they love